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ROCIC Board Chairman's Welcome
Director Tommy Loving
Bowling Green - Warren County Drug Task Force, KY 

As Chairman of the Regional Organized Crime Information Center (ROCIC) Board of Directors, I am honored to welcome you to ROCIC’s 25th Annual Homicide Conference. ROCIC has a long-standing reputation of providing some of the best homicide training available. In keeping with 25 years of outstanding speakers and topics, this year’s line-up is exceptional.

I want to acknowledge and thank the co-hosts of this conference, the DeSoto Police Department and the Dallas County Sheriff’s Association, as well as the staff of ROCIC, who work together to ensure this training conference is a success.

I look forward to meeting you over the course of the conference, and encourage you to be prepared to share information on any crime trends from your area in the state intelligence breakout sessions.

I hope you’ll take every opportunity to meet as many people as you can while in Dallas. There will be several opportunities for you to network with your fellow attendees. We want you to enjoy a meaningful and productive training experience that will bring you back to future conferences.

Thank you for attending this training conference and being a part of ROCIC and the RISS Program. Please feel free to contact me or any of the Board of Directors and ROCIC staff should you need any assistance.

Director's Welcome
ROCIC Executive Director Donna Williams
Regional Organized Crime Information Center (ROCIC), Nashville, TN

On behalf of the ROCIC Board of Director’s and staff, it is my pleasure to welcome you to ROCIC’s Fall Membership Information Sharing and Training Conference. This is a special conference, as it is the 25th Annual Homicide Conference. Since the original was held in April, 1986 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, ROCIC has been recognized as providing some of the best training on Serial Murders and Homicide Investigations in the country. We plan to do the same in Dallas this year.

I would like to extend my thanks to our co-hosts, the DeSoto Police Department and the Dallas County Sheriff’s Association. They have worked hard to make your visit to Dallas enjoyable and without their help, this conference would not be possible.

If this is the first time for you to attend an ROCIC conference, you will find that not only will you take home a tremendous amount of knowledge from the training provided, you will also make contacts with officers throughout the region. This is as valuable a take-away as the training! Several opportunities will be provided throughout the week for you to network with your fellow attendees.

While here, you will also be able to learn about many of the new resources ROCIC has to offer. We encourage you to let us know how ROCIC and the RISS Program can assist you and your agency.

Thank you for attending and I hope you enjoy the conference.